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Time is almost up! Watch the Week five recap video to see what has happened so far. Below is where you can also

watch PodCats Ep.5

Go Illumicats!

Week 5 Recap Video:

PodCats Ep.5:

 Catch up with Team 3242's progress during week four of this robotics season. Below are the weekly videos and PodCats Ep.4

Week 3 recap video is finally here! Watch the video to find out what we have done so far for this years robotics season.

Go Illumicats!

Something new our team decided to do this year! Podcats, the team 3242 robotics podcast concerning all things, well robotics. Watch the week one podcast below to see actual members of the team, and expect weekly episodes until the season ends. Go Illumicats!

And just like that another week has passed. The team, is a bit behind, but is eager to work and catch up. Go Illumicats!

Week 1 has finally begun and we are so excited to finally start the new robotics season! Kickoff was a blast! Pun intended. In the first week of the season the team got busy designing the robot.

Watch the video to see our week one progress. Go Illumicats! 

The supplies are finally in! Supplies for what you may ask? Supplies for the TLA of course! TLA (Thematic Learning Activity) is EMIT’s annual team project. This year EMIT students are tasked with designing and launching a rocket and rover with the intent of reaching Ma...

EMIT students jump back to the past in today's dress up theme, Decade Day. Depending on the student's year in school they were tasked with wearing outfits based on a specific decade. Freshman got groovy with the 70s and sophomores were blinding in their neon 80s outfit...