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Our Vision

EMIT stands for Engineering and Manufacturing Institute of Technology. Through EMIT, it is our goal to house an environment in which students and can achieve their full potential in the Engineering as well as other intellectual fields. We hope that students in working toward such a goal will utilize the resources such as the easily accessible Autocad programs or go for a more hands on experience with the use of the machines present in the Production Room. In addition to participating in the program, we hope for students to also become active in our award winning FIRST Robotics Team.

Thematic Learning Activities

TLA’s or Thematic learning Activities are an essential part of what makes EMIT unique. These activities are group efforts that bring students of all grades together to be set onto a common goal that relates to the engineering projects and applications of both today and tomorrow with a heavy focus on pushing individual creativity that will one day be a necessity in the professional world. All along the way students also gain skills in every aspect from how to build and design unique devices to how to present and write in a professional fashion.

FIRST Robotics

EMIT is proud to participate in FIRST Robotics as Team 3242 the Illumicats.

Community Outreach

As a program, EMIT strives to give back to the community through several ways.

Alumni Testimonies
“E.M.I.T. kept me safe and protected from the rest of scary high school and embraced my nerdiness!”

E.M.I.T. 2001

CF 2004

Proud stay at home mom and refurbisher!

Kayla Wooten Beller

“E.M.I.T. taught me how to work in groups and give oral presentations while also being able to handle a rigorous course load.”

E.M.I.T. 2015

Cornell University Class of 2019

Ilene Boetger

“When I started college, I felt more than prepared to take on presentations, projects and leadership positions. The first two years of college were incredibly easy going for me, and I attribute a great deal of that to the E.M.I.T. program. My sister also graduated from E.M.I.T., and is now working as a development researcher for one of the leading tech companies in the world.”

E.M.I.T. 2012

Florida State University 2017

Kami Thomas

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