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Team 3242

Power Up

What is Power Up?

Core Concept and Goal:

         In this years game, the FIRST contestants and their robots are trapped within an Arcade game, where their goal is to control the Switch and keep ownership of their Scale using the Power Cubes. The teams have a choice to fill up their Vault to earn themselves Power Ups, which can be used to double point values, take control of the Switch and Scale if their opponent has them, and to earn a free Levitate, earning their team 30 points and a chance for more Ranking Points. This years End Game is to climb the Scale, and to Defeat the Boss. For this year, strategy is important for earning points and deciding what is best for their teams, like all multiplayer games. 


First Kickoff and Week One

Week Two

Week Three

Week Four

Week Five

Week Six

Competition RECAP

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