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Soaring Above


2019, 50 years after the first man on the moon. It only seemed fitting for this year's TLA to be space themed. EMIT students were given the task of not only designing model rockets, but also model rovers. The destination, Mars, the mission, to bring back water samples. EMIT students had quite a challenge on hand. Like any other TLA, there were limitations. The rocket and rover could not have any metal parts. Also their dimensions could not exceed 24" x 12". The rocket and rover both had to cover their own respective distances. Added up their distance should have spanned the whole football field and then some.

Overall Outcome

TLA this year was a blast! Literally! Teams launched their rockets and rovers at the start of the new 2019 semester and were met with varying results. The winds were strong on launch day causing some problems but some teams were still able to go the distance of 60 yards. All teams had parachute systems but only a handful had working ones. Unfortunately none of the rovers were able to complete the 40 yard goal, but all rovers were able to gather and keep water samples. Presentations and booths this year were phenomenal. Students truly brought their A game and were able to present their rockets and rovers professionally. 

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