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The EMIT students were given the great task of designing bridges this year. Each team randomly drew from a collection of rivers and had to design bridges that would best suit their specific river. Teams had to research the history of bridges and all the different types of bridges that we use today. The bridges had to be realistic and use scale models to represent the product. To make sure the bridges were strong enough they were tested using a machine dubbed "Buster." They had to endure 100 pounds of force to be considered successful.

Overall Outcome

Overall this year's TLA was a resounding success! Most teams were able to build bridge models that withstood at least 100 pounds of force. The models resembled real life structures and were pleasing to the eye. Something new that was brought back to the TLA this year was the booths. The booths were made to stimulate a trade show setting. The TLA lasted much longer this year than in previous years so teas had more time to prepare their presentation. Presentations this year were much better than last year and show the improvement in students' public speaking skills. 

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