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Alternative Fuels


Energy will always be a problem with society’s current reliance on motorized vehicles and electronic necessities and luxuries. Almost as important as the energy and how it’s supplied. The most prominent suppliers of energy, even with substantial push for green energies, are that of fossil fuels. With the fact that green energies still not being the key sources of energy for the United States and the world, EMIT was given the task of creating a unique application of energy production in either solar, geothermal, hydroelectric, or wind for the 2014 to 2015 TLA. Students were thus, encouraged to pursue any possibility or create something entirely of their own based on the fundamentals of their energy source. In terms of requirements, students were expected to develop a fully capable business to represent their energy, a children’s book for English requirement, and a working scale-down form of their team’s model.

Overall Outcome

Teams performed to an exceptional variety during the TLA. A multitude of teams were able to produce working models with truly unique ideas for energy plants. Along with the unique designs, many teams created companies that seemed fit for the business world with their professional quality business cards, brochures and booths the day of presentation. Some groups even went as far to produce websites for their companies. The presentations of the teams were also quite notable for some students were able to display their talents for public speaking to a wonderful, professional, and entertaining degree but the test on showmanship didn’t stop there. Students were also tasked with presenting their booths to a variety of students from throughout Forest High School as well as the EMIT administrators. In the end the TLA was quite a success for both EMIT and its students.

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