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Waterborne Trash Filtrations Systems


For the TLA this year students have been given the task of creating a unique design for a waterborne trash filtrations system in order to clean their assigned body of water. These locations can vary from rivers to oceans as well as have differing amounts of pollution of the physical and chemical varieties. For the actual TLA students are expected to produce an original concept for their device and a working model that can produce some form of tangible result. For research students are to find new concepts or ideas in relation to the water cleanup industry whether it is through recently created technologies or newly acquired ideas of water purification. In order to keep the research and design in the present in order to be the most technologically advanced the sources of the research were hitched with the requirement of being from 2012 at the oldest. This activity leaves the expectation for students to display their skills in ingenuity and technological construction.


2016 was a very successful year for EMIT’s TLA projects.  Students brought their ideas to life by designing, creating, and testing their visions of a waterborne trash filtration system. The filtration systems that were built ranged from stationary dams that can collect and dispose of trash from water to large barges that can separate trash from bodies of water while they travel.  The students took advantage of the laser cutter and the 3D printers, that they have access to here, to intricate models of their product.  2016 was a great year for TLAs and we hope for an even greater one in 2017.

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