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Team 3242

Aerial Assist

What is Aerial Assist?

Ariel Assist is a game that is played with robots created by FIRST students. The game requires two teams - Blue team and Red team - to score points in their designated zones. Three robots from each team play on the field and have to use the skills and programming designed from the students to either toss balls into two sets of goals.  

Each team that enters the competition has 6 weeks to build the robots. A general team includes at least two robots that can toss the athletic balls into the goals, and one robot to assist the others. Each part of Team 3242's robots are created to match the design team's visions. Although the first prototype isn't always the finished version, we work together to ensure our ideas and opinions can reach everyone included. Communication is essential not only during the competition, but also within the team.

Throwing Arm and Base

Reconstruction on our last year's robot begin as FIRST members work diligently on upgrades and referbishments. The goal is always to improve and as the wiring and construction team work together, progress moves along steadily. 

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