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Team 3242


What is Steamworks?

Core Concept and Goal:

          This years game is called Steamworks, and holds a Victorian era Steampunk theme, which is shown through the stylized field elements such as the boiler and airship and how the teams choose to dress up and the banners they bring along with them. The goal is to get as many fuel elements into the boiler as possible, which is 'converted' to steam and used to power the airship, and to place all of the gears on the airship to start to rotors. Once all rotors are turning and all the fuel is added, the robots board the airships are get ready for take off! As with every year, the teams work together in alliances and receive ranking points for accomplishing certain tasks throughout the game. However, for the first time ever, there will be human players as a part of the field! They will stand in the airship and place the gears the robots have retrieved. The bots have to grab fuel from bother hoppers and player fed stations, and retrieve gears from the opposite side of the field that they started on, and make it back before the endgame starts. And as always, there will be an autonomous period where the programming team will show off their skills. Let the games begin!


First Kickoff and Week One

Week Two

Week Three

Week Four

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