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2016 Championship Competition


To kick off the competition circuit for Team 3242 in 2016, the team competed in the Orlando Regional at the UCF Area. The competition was intense and after successfully navigating through a series of unforeseen obstacles, the team was able to perform and a immensely notable manor. The robot performed well in both making boulder shots and traversing obstacles. During the intense time of competition for the robot, a specialized sect of students was competing on a less mechanical scale but just as notable for the highly revered Chairman's Award as well as the Entrepreneurship award which is also highly covenanted.

They presented tirelessly along with the wonderful video (viewable to the right) created by the documentary team. Entrepreneurship even went as far as to make it to the call backs but alas Team 3242 walked away with no victory on either front, placing in 25th place out of 63 teams in the standard competition but this did not discourage the team at all. instead it motivated them to work even harder and improve for the competition in West Palm later that month.



Team 3242 came strong into the South Florida Regional at West Palm managing to stay in the top 20's for the majority of the competition thanks to the modifications made after careful research and reflection on flaws in the robot's design following Orlando. Again, while the competition went on, a variety of students presented Chairman's and Entrepreneurship while also taking part in Ambassador/Volunteer programs at the competition. The Team performed on all cylinders and worked to its fullest, properly representing the team and the EMIT program as a whole. Alas luck was not entirely in Team 3242's favor for the fact that in the final day of competition the unfortunate events of a flipping and getting stuck limited the point collection capabilities in the last to qualifying matches. This resulted in the team placing in 37th place at the end of the competition. Overall this defeat has motivated the students to improve and also taught them a variety of things as to expect for the next year of competition.

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