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Project Drone


In 2013 EMIT had been tasked by the Ocala police department to create the best “’investigate and image-relay’ device” as possible.  The device would be airborne and needed to be able to send real-time video from the camera on it.  The students needed to use multi-copter design and the machine must be able to operate indoors and outdoors, fly through a thirty-six inch doorway, hover or fly at an altitude of four feet from up to 200 feet, and had many more requirements.  The vehicle must be swift, stealthy and silent.

Overall Outcome

Overall Project Drone was a truly successful display of students pushing themselves to the fullest on new ideas and electronics that many had never experienced before. The project culminated on the football filed for the test day, where every team presented their projects and had fun no matter what happened. That being said success was still rampant as shown by the multitude of teams were able to create sufficiently working quadcopters and some even excelled immensely beyond expectations with their copters soaring around the entirety of the Forest High School football field. The students went above and beyond as was expect and delivered.  

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